Our Redwood Awards endorse committed, self-motivated employees who work hard at making a difference – be it by way of meeting crazy deadlines, clocking lengthy hours, coming through no matter what, or by even just being their usual flexible, conscientious self. It celebrates tenacious hard work and lofty ambitions. The award also serves as a reminder that great attitude (which some pack along to work) is not everlasting, unless worked upon. Most importantly, the Redwood Award credits both “how you work” and “how you approach your work”, emphasizing the fact that while knowledge, skills and abilities help define a person’s work, the right attitude (that intangible, cultivated side) defines the person.

Hence, it is no surprise that all the awardees share certain common characteristics – a zeal to grow, ability to realize potentials, ride through difficulties, overcome failures, and build upon core strengths. Like the Redwoods. Hardy, self-reliant, and dependable.

Now, a bit about the namesake of the Awards, the Redwood Tree…

At first sight, the tree completely dwarfs you. A veritable giant, the Redwood Tree it grows from a seed no bigger than that of a tomato, reaching heights of 367 feet and more. Around since the Jurassic Age, with an average life expectancy of over 600 years, its scars and caverns echo a rich past. Its roots go “out” (not down) 900 feet, interlocking with the soil and roots of other trees, as if establishing camaraderie. Fire, disease and pests have failed to conquer it, making it evergreen.

Primeval, resilient, enduring, and majestic, the Redwoods are the inspiration behind our annual Redwood Awards.