At Learnnovators, we have a bunch of passionate people who are willing to go the distance. Our team members not only work together, but take risks, solve problems and constantly learn, innovate and contribute to make a difference. This makes our team part of something bigger than just their work, and it goes such a long way!

We encourage our people to:

  • Speak up
  • Be open, friendly, and honest
  • Learn, unlearn, and relearn at every opportunity
  • Respect even the tiniest of contributions
  • Keep raising the bar

Redwood Awards

Our Redwood Awards endorse committed, self-motivated employees who work hard at making a difference – be it by way of meeting crazy deadlines, clocking lengthy hours, coming through no matter what, or by even just being their

Learnnovation Awards

“The creative realm isn’t the preserve of artists, musicians and writers” alone but belongs to anyone who wants to do things in a better way and also wants to do better things. This is where ideas come

I’mpossible Awards

Our I’mpossible Awards acknowledge and reward teams that make the impossible, possible! Formidable deadlines, challenging specifications, exacting requirements – may sound like the horror of horrors, but there are some who take on big goals and big

Learnnovator Of The Month

It’s not just about handing over projects on time. Nor is it only about producing high-quality work. It’s not about enthusiastically taking up and completing challenges either. It’s a combination of all this, and much, much more.

Learnnovator Of The Quarter

The ‘Learnnovator of the Month’ is about celebrating those who are tough and reliable, ticking off on several parameters at once for an entire month. Then what about those we do it consistently for much longer? The

Game Changer Of The Year

A game-changer is a person who sees something that others don’t. They challenge the status quo, move the needle forward, push the boundaries of possibility and transform and rearrange realities which alter the picture. They are the

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