To us, ‘who’ the person is as important as “what they know.” Of course, knowledge is important. But we’re also looking for someone who craves more knowledge, someone who can grow with us.

So the right mix of a little edginess (we don’t do dull), confidence (we are big on that!), passion (we are suckers when it comes to this) and a certain genuineness (we dig authenticity) almost make us go hallelujah!

We even miss a beat if we happen to chance upon a “warrior spirit”, one who is forward-looking and isn’t afraid to throw off the gloves and reinvent everything if the situation demands it.

In short, ‘compelling.’ And when we find people like that we hire them!

If anyone can make up in attitude what they lack in skill we are willing to train them. Why? Because what a person knows can change, but who they are inside doesn’t.


We don’t believe in hierarchy. No tight controls. No centralized decision-making. No bosses. (Phew!)

We do not believe that “spreading and sustaining excellence depends on having an effective pecking order.”

What we do believe in is equality and shared responsibility.

At Learnnovators, team members are partners working together to fulfill one or more tasks they are accountable for. At the same time, they are responsible to the greater organizational goal.

This is such a smooth way of eliminating power pyramids and ego battles that come with it. And it goes a long way in encouraging collaboration and productivity, promoting efficiency, and creating a few lifetime buddies.

Explore our amazing career opportunities and see where you fit in!

1. Instructional Designer_Learnnovators

Instructional Designer

The work of a brilliant Instructional Designer is like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Every layer is unique, springs a surprise, and yet comes together as one, spectacular piece of delight.

Now, if you know how to…

  • Design innovative solutions for varied requirements
  • Write engaging storyboards, activities and assessments
  • Communicate effectively with clients, SMEs and internal teams
  • Think simultaneously for the business and the learner
  • Understand and apply learning theories to create targeted solutions

…then give us a tinkle, for you certainly have what it takes to be part of Team Learnnovators…!!!

Graphic Designer

A great sense of aesthetics. A sharp eye for detail. If you have these, and you can…

  • Come up with design concepts based on a given requirement
  • Work with clients and other teams, supporting them on creative visualization and idea augmentation
  • Communicate ideas clearly and precisely, creating mock-ups to aid the process whenever necessary
  • Bring in variety to a project, at the same time ensure visual continuity
  • Create magic with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

…then bring it on… we want you on board!

2. Graphic Designer_Learnnovators
3. Storyline-Captivate Developer_Learnnovators

Storyline / Captivate Developer

Creative, systematic, efficient, one who can bring a program to life, irrespective of the tool used – others would say we’re talking about a developer/programmer, but to us you are nothing short of an artist.

If you can effortlessly…

    • Read and understand storyboards and other documents, and develop screens and functionality accordingly
    • Co-ordinate with other team members (or where required, the end client) to obtain clarifications
    • Self-review each deliverable thoroughly before passing the same for quality check
    • Learn and update yourself on the latest developments in tools and technologies

…give us a call… NOW.

HTML5 / PHP Programmer

The eternal problem solver. A demi-god of sorts. That’s you, the quintessential HTML5/PHP programmer, the one who can…

  • Write efficient codes that achieve desired functionality
  • Visualize problems and come up with appropriate programming solutions
  • Document codes clearly, making it easy for yourself and others to understand
  • Self-review each deliverable thoroughly before passing the same for quality check
  • Learn and update oneself on the latest developments in tools and technologies

What you waiting for? We’d love to hear from you!

4. HTML5-PHP Programmer_Learnnovators
5. Quality Analyst_Learnnovators

Quality Analyst

Organized, focused, meticulous, unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection. The Quality Analyst (QA) is a breed apart!

If you can…

  • Methodically review course outputs and find even the most obscure bugs
  • Read and understand storyboards and other requirement documents, and check the course output against these
  • Co-ordinate with other team members to obtain clarifications

…then you have landed on the right page. Grab your phone and give us a buzz right away!

Interested??? Write to us at careers@learnnovators.com
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