Why Should Your Institution Choose Learnospace (UNI)?

Are you looking to provide the best quality teaching for your students? Are you in need of an LMS that will help you reach as many students as possible? Learnospace (UNI) can help you with all this and more. With Learnospace, you can achieve scale and standardization for your institution, all while providing your students with a top-notch learning experience.


Learnospace supports various types of learning.


  • Synchronous learning: Virtual classes come packed with features such as high-quality audio and video, breakout rooms, and screen sharing. With all these and more, you’ll find that your students are able to collaborate and engage with each other, as well as with the faculty, in a virtual environment. And what’s more, Learnospace allows you to record these virtual classes so that they can be watched any time. Got a guest faculty conducting a highly sought-after session? No problem. You can run the virtual session just once and then share it with students forever.


  • Asynchronous learning: This type of learning is more suitable when you want students to access content anytime and anywhere. Learnospace allows you to host a wide variety of content types for this purpose, including Word and PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, and even SCORM and xAPI.


  • Collaborative and social learning: With features such as chat, group messaging, micro blogging, and web conferencing, Learnospace gives your students the chance to connect and collaborate with each other, thereby extending their learning well beyond the online and offline sessions.

All of this can also be combined into one comprehensive blended learning experience. What’s more, students can take their learning wherever they go, to access it via their mobile devices. Regardless of the learning type, you’ll find that Learnospace facilitates the smooth and seamless delivery of online content.


With Learnospace, you can capture ongoing feedback from your learners. Plus, learner recommendations can help ascertain what content is more helpful and thereby guide other students on what to learn.


If you need an organised picture of course and learner data to help you make decisions, comprehensive reports will do just that. With these reports, you’ll be able to gain specific insights into students and courses, such as which courses are the most viewed and which ones are the most searched for. Important information such as this can be easily accessed within the LMS.


You can make sure that your students are automatically alerted whenever they are enrolled into a course or if any other updates take place by sending them e-mail notifications.


With assessments, you can test your students’ knowledge and reinforce their learning. Choose among quizzes, polls, surveys, and assignments for this purpose. Both standard question formats such as multiple-choice, short answer, and true/false and modern question formats such as drag and drop activities, select missing words activities, and random short-answer matching are supported in the LMS. Learnospace also allows you to gamify students’ experience. Reward students for their achievements with badges, points, certificates, vouchers, and leaderboards.


Learnospace doesn’t require you to manually add users to the platform. Instead, you can upload users in bulk via an Excel or CSV file.


You can even create, edit, and update courses right within the LMS. How? Thanks to the seamless integration with the Content Management System – Joomla.


With our simple, intuitive, and modern interface, your learners can get up to speed with Learnospace in no time. Regardless of whether you’re using our desktop or mobile application, you’ll find that navigating through Learnospace is a breeze.


To make things even easier, Learnospace provides the single sign-on feature, allowing your students and faculty to sign in just once to all your applications.


If you need to extend your courses to external users, or if your institution has multiple branches, you can manage all that with the help of Learnospace’s 3-tier architecture. And, you can do so easily from a single dashboard.

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