Why Should Your School Choose Learnospace (EDU)?

Learnospace (EDU) enables you to take your school online, seamlessly delivering content to your students while keeping them excited and engaged. It offers the ability to host a variety of content types, analyse student performance, track attendance, and even conduct assessments and grade them online. With its functionality and dependability, Learnospace benefits both educators and students alike. If you’re looking to provide your students with a learning experience that complements what you offer in the physical environment, Learnospace is just what you need.


Whether you’re using Learnospace on the desktop or a mobile device, you’ll discover that the platform is really easy to work with.


It allows you to conduct virtual classes smoothly. Features such as multi-user whiteboard, screen sharing, and high-quality audio and video, allow you to offer an enhanced and immersive learning experience for your students. Plus, classes can be recorded for future use and reference.


Learnospace also allows you to host a wide variety of content types for self-paced learning, including Word and PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, and even SCORM and xAPI.


Other built-in features that Learnospace offers include chat, group messaging, micro blogging, and web conferencing. With all these and more, Learnospace gives your students the chance to connect and collaborate with each other, thereby extending their learning well beyond the online and offline sessions.


What’s more, all this can be experienced in the context of a gamified platform, which uses badges, points, certificates, vouchers, and leaderboards to keep students excited and engrossed.


With Learnospace, you can get a clear picture of course and student data with the click of a button. And that’s not all. If you want to know which courses your students find most useful or which ones are in highest demand, you can use these reports to find out.


Another way that Learnospace allows you to gain student-specific insights is through student feedback and recommendations. With feedback, you can get to know what your students think about courses and content, enabling you to make more informed decisions.


You’d naturally want to test your students’ understanding on learning concepts through assessments. To do so, you can choose among quizzes, surveys, polls, and assignments. You’ll find that Learnospace supports both standard question formats such as multiple-choice, short answer, and true/false along with modern question formats such as numerical questions, matching questions, and drag and drop activities.


You have the option of sending email notifications to your students if you want them to be alerted of anything important. For instance, you can choose for the system to automatically notify your students when a course is assigned to them, or when an assignment is made available.


Learnospace allows you to upload users in bulk, thereby helping you save time and effort. And what’s more, you can even create, edit, and update courses right within the LMS.


Does your school have more than one branch? No problem. With Learnospace’s 3-tier architecture, you can manage them all from a single dashboard. At the same time, you can have different administrators managing student data for their individual schools, thereby saving you the hassle of having to do so.


And finally, if you need the LMS to reflect your brand’s identity, we’ve got you covered. With white labelling, you can customize Learnospace and give it a familiar look and feel.

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